We know you want the best for your child. Choosing Atlantic Tutors for tutoring will set your child up for success. Learn how Atlantic Tutors will work for your family. From our initial assessments to our personalized approach that leads to fantastic results.

Atlantic Tutors offers help in all subject areas from pre primary to adult. Whether your child needs help with math, a better grade in physics or is learning how to read, Atlantic Tutors has a program to suit your child..

According to some studies, students actually regress in their learning over the summer months. At Atlantic Tutors, we offer various summer programs that will allow your child to not only retain what they have learned all year, but build their confidence and prepare them for the upcoming school year.

Atlantic Tutors knows that one of the most important of components of student success is one on one instruction. More than that, a student needs the right tutor for their specific academic goals, personality and learning style. Atlantic Tutors is a team of professionally trained teachers that have a passion for what they do and build relationships with their students, making them feel comfortable and excited to learn.

At Atlantic Tutors, we support you and your child every step of the way by checking in regularly and providing you with progress reports for your child.

Sometimes, as much as parents want to help their children, for whatever reason it is not working the way they envisioned. Let Atlantic Tutors help. We offer Homework Support which is ideal for students who are working at grade level but finding some homework assignments tough.

Just like with all our programs at Atlantic Tutors, our tutors use a combination of guided and independent practice which teaches students how to solve problems on their own, allowing them to approach problems at school and in life more independently.

We believe it is important to get a strong start with basic reading skills. Identifying letters and the sounds associated with them, putting those sounds together to form words, and learning to read words are three important steps to your child becoming a confident, successful reader.

In Atlantic Tutors Beginning Reading program, students focus on:

  • recognizing and identifying upper and lower case letters
  • identifying sounds associated with letters
  • developing and building sight word vocabulary
  • reading simple text using various prompts and cues
  • understanding what they read by predicting outcomes and answering questions

We all want our children to enjoy reading, but in reality, not all children do for a variety of reasons. Even children who are great readers can always use some extra help every now and again.

Because all children learn differently, Atlantic Tutors develops personalized programs for our students that focus on the skills they need to help them improve and build their confidence. Soon enough, reading becomes easier and fun for your child and those skills they are learning with us transfer over to school and home.

Math can sometimes be a challenging subject for students for many different reasons. If your child seems to be continually struggling with math, personal attention can make all the difference.

At Atlantic Tutors, we develop a personalized program for your child in the areas we determine they need assistance. Our tutors use this plan to teach your child the skills they need to know through engaging and motivating lessons. Once your child learns these new skills you will see their confidence grow and math does not seems as challenging anymore.

Looking to improve your child’s writing skills? At Atlantic Tutors we will design a personalized plan tailored to your child’s writing needs. Our writing program consists of teaching students what an organized writing process looks like, composing different genres of writing, and working on vocabulary, grammar and spelling activities. The personalized plan Atlantic Tutors designs for your child along with engaging material will have your child enjoying writing in no time.

As teachers, we often get asked the question “What does my child need to know going into Grade Primary?” Atlantic Tutors has a program designed specifically for children ages 4 and 5 who are starting Primary in the upcoming school year. This engaging program allows students to enter Grade Primary feeling confident and ready to build on the skills they have learned with us. Our Primary Prep program focuses on:

  • fine motor skills
  • phonics
  • phonemic awarenes
  • oral language

If your child shows and interest in letters and books, can sit and listen to a story, and interacts well in a small group setting this is the program for them!

When your child needs to be challenged more academically, Atlantic Tutors’ enrichment program can help. Our personalized programs are designed to meet your child’s individual needs and allow them to work at their own pace.