Welcome to Atlantic Tutors Inc.!

Whether it’s ongoing homework support or tutoring in a specific area, we have a variety of programs to meet your child’s individual needs.

At Atlantic Tutors Inc., the majority of our programs are taught in a three-to-one setting. A three-to-one, student-tutor setting, allows students to exercise independence and transfer the skills they learn to the classroom more effectively! Students in a one-to-one setting often become dependent on the tutor for prompts and cues. As a result, the student is unable to perform when removed from the tutoring environment.

Using a combination of guided and independent practice, Atlantic Tutors Inc. teaches students how to solve problems on their own. This allows them to approach problems at school and in life more independently.

Atlantic Tutors Inc. is committed to student success. We want to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services. We understand that every child learns differently, so we develop personalized plans for all of the students we tutor. In addition to helping students get better grades, our goal is to inspire confidence, build life skills and spark a passion for learning.

We make your goals our goals. Our highly qualified and enthusiastic staff will work hard to help your child exceed expectations of not only themselves, but their family and their teachers. Atlantic Tutors Inc. looks forward to working with you and your child.